Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anthropologie with Jen

If you have never walked into an Anthropologie store, please know this: Women, it is dangerous to your wallet, but fantasic for your closet. Men, if you can appreciate this store...bring your gal here (it will impress her).

It says.....

I am not sure what to say....about this article in the Yahoo Real Estate. Other than 'Want one!'


  Little Hog Cay

Little Hog Cay, Private Islands Online

Place: Near Abacos, Northern Bahamas
Asking Price: $1,950,000
Acreage: 25
Partially developed
Notice the lagoon that separates the west side of the island from the east. On the west side sits a studio home and a guest cabana with an electric generator. The east side is undeveloped. Marina and airstrip are a 15-minute boat ride away, on the main island of Abacos.;_ylt=An.M2sLe3Gwa2YbKEu.nlZvxkdEF